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Model No.: TF-8014
Product Name: TV Card Easy tv cardbus
Main Parameter

Detailed product description
The easytv cardbus also has an analog tv silicon tuner that supports worldwide tv and audio decoding standards. This means that wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that the easytv cardbus supports tv standards in your area, making it the perfect laptop accessory for travelers. S-video and composite video inputs are also included, so you can watch and record video from devices, such as camcorders and vcrs.

1) supports worldwide analog tv standards, including ntsc, pal and secam. With
Universal standards supporting, you can watch analog tv on your pc, wherever you
Are in the world. Tune in to your favorite local channels, no matter what kind of tv
Broadcasts you receive
2) supports worldwide audio decoding standards, including nicam, a2, mts, btsc,
And eiaj. Supports global audio decoding standards, ensures that you can watch
Tv with full stereo sound and enjoy multi-lingual broadcasts
3) inputs for s-video and composite video. Connects to a vcr, camcorder, game
Console or any external analog video source with the included s-video and
Composite video inputs, use it to monitor video from the device, or record video to
Your hard drive. Perfect for archiving home movies to digital format
4) watch tv on your pc. Enjoy high quality television on your notebook in a movable,
Resizable window or full-screen
5) record analog video to mpeg 1/2/4: Record analog video to mpeg 1/2/4 formats,
Save your favorite shows to hard drive and watch them anytime
6) time-shifting functionality: Time-shifting lets you pause, rewind, and fast forward
Tv, letting you take control of your tv viewing experience
7) scheduled recording of tv programs: Easily schedule recordings of your favorite
Programs, and watch them later at your own convenience
8) still image snapshots: Capture still images from the live video stream and save them
To your hard drive

System requirements:
1) pentium 4 or amd athlon 2.0ghz or higher required, p4 2.4ghz recommended
2) 256mb of system memory (512mb recommended)
3) windows 2000/xp
4) 100mb required for software installation, additional space required for recording or
5) vga chipset with full support for directx 8.1
6) directx 9.0c or higher installed
7) ac 97 compatible sound device for audio playback
8) available cardbus slot
9) antenna/cable tv connection