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Model No.: TF-40
Product Name: VOIP
 Many providers offer VoIP solutions on the Internet that allow users of the same network to make free* telephone calls when combined with broadband access (e.g. ADSL). A TF- 40 VoIP connects an existing ISDN telephone system with the Internet in order to offer this advantage to as many participants as possible at a minimum cost. Especially when making long distance and international calls on a regular basis, the one-off costs are quickly covered and the investment begins to pay off.

The 40 VoIP combines an external ISDN connection (T0) of the telephone system with Internet access (e.g. DSL router). If an internal subscriber chooses this ''external line'', he is connected to a preset IP provider and hears a dialing tone. The recipient's internal network call number can then be dialed and the call is made toll-free* via VoIP. The 40 VoIP transfers calls received over the Internet to the telephone system. Depending on the setting ?as with fixed network calls ?they can be assigned to individual employees or call groups.

Alternatively, the 40 VoIP can also be used for a single ISDN telephone. No additional devices such as an analog telephone adapter (ATA) are required for the VoIP function thanks to a clear configuration interface.