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T.T.I mainly deal with telecommunication products, computer peripherals and electronics,We are an innovative, creative company and base all of our products on what we think our customers really want. We understand what our consumers want and need, and then provide quality, affordable solutions.

We try to provide a one-stop-solutions service to our business partners, taking care of every aspect of your order with the minimum of fuss. Whether you are buying from our existing product range or we are developing a whole new product for you, we will make the whole process as simple and trouble free for you as possible. ISDN ADAPTER NT1


We purchase or import products from quality manufacturers in the Taiwan and China. Due to our industrial connections and professional knowledge, we are able to get very good deals from manufacturers.
Our mission
Our Mission is to become a premier telecom and electronics company whose reputation is built on the ability to provide customer satisfaction through quality products and services.

Management Philosophy:
We believe that the success of any businesses needs to be built on good supplier and customer relationships. Honesty, reliability and good services are the fundamentals of a good business. We are aiming to provide the best possible transaction experience for all of our customers and suppliers.

The company is committed not only to provide a wide range of products, but also to bring value and competitive pricing to its customers. How could the company achieve value while maintaining competitiveness? - Through extensive knowledge of the market and strong support from its sources.

The company is committed to developing leading-edge products that deliver advanced features, ease of use and yet remain economical to buy. The company also maintains a proactive posture and market flexibility to take advantage of rapidly changing communications technology. Maintains high ethical standards, produces high quality products and promotes a healthy work environment. Each employee takes pride in the company's growth and success.
  Technical Support
At T.T.I we value our relationship with our partons and hence customer service forms an essential part of our relationship with the you. Customer service is aimed giving you the best out of our products,. With our expert after sales services you will feel assured that we are living life with you.
T.T.I group have always been characterised by offering its clients the very best. with us you will get:
-the security and safety it gives to deall with a company of more than 30 years experience in the sector.
-our complete and unconditional attentionn.
-prime quality at the lowest cost.
-after sales service which will secure fuull satisfaction from your purchase.
-warranty period determined by the characcteristics of the individual article.
We provide our brand TONFACK products to distributors all over the world and we
welcome any new partnership business.
We think that we offer top quality products at competitive prices and can offer you a
range of quality, ready made goods that today`s consumers want, and we can offer
them delivered directly to your door